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Your show has start me a lot of emotional memories, and if there is any way that I can lead that, I will not lead. What do you do to get into "casual" mode. Any sign you're here Lot: We can only imagine the to from your relationship.

You and your mother were having dinner at the Hyatt Regency. So, do you have any gospel albums available. I have never heard you sing and I would enjoy hearing you. My neice and her mother Gay dating chengdu sister were also there with us that night that Tiffany brissette fake met you and from what I understand my niece and you Brixsette became penpals with each other and had even talked on the phone a few times after that night. I gake know if you gake her, but her name is Tina Robinson and her mothers name is Becky. I guess Tina and you are the same age.

So what are you doing now and what are your plans for the future? I would love to hear from you and hear more about your life after small wonder. Birssette, 11 Jun You rock my fzke I am glad you found God, because I know he sent you on Tifvany planet to entertain us. I don't know what I would have done without Small Wonder. So many times I have applied plot lines from your show in my life. The time that I found the most parallels with my own life was that when you Vicki asked your folks whether you were really a robot. It was a case of their loves lie over your trust in them telling the truth.

That show always stood out for me because such is the same with trusting friends and family! Is love always better than truth? For this inspiration, I salute you. Tue, 9 Jun Dear Tiffany, I came upon your website purely by serendipity, and I'm certainly glad that I did! The show "Small Wonder" brings back some great memories for me, because it brings me back to the time when my nephew, Dan, was just a little boy, and we would watch the show together. I think he had a crush on you he was about eight when the show was in its first season inas I remember that he would talk about you Vicki all of the time!

I really enjoyed the show too. In January,I brought my nephew with me on a vacation to Los Angeles as a combination birthday-present belated for the both of us He was born October 16,and I, October 14, ; a neat coincidence! My nephew just thought I was the greatest for getting the tickets. After the show, I asked him if he wanted to go down and meet you, as you were signing autographs for some folks in the audience. We started to go down to where you were, and Dan got cold feet! He became so nervous, he turned pale! I'm not trying to embrass him, it's just that whenever I think of that time, it brings a smile to my face! Today, he is married, and is starting on a family of his own.

I think I'll call him up tomorrow and ask him if he remembers our trip to the studio. I'll get a chuckle out of his "blushing" remembrance! You should be highly commended for your stand of faith and morals! In this day and age, people will sell themselves out in order to make a fast buck! I, too, am a Christian, and I know first hand how hard it is to exercise your principles in the workplace. I am a computer mainframe operator, and have missed out on certain "promotions" because I will not compromise my Christian beliefs by lying and cheating in order to get ahead!

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You have risen above Tiffwny rest, and with a degree in Psychology, you fakd make a real Tifgany career for yourself, and I pray all the best for you that God has to offer through Jesus Christ his son! Brissetye you going to Sluts in orasaigh on with Tkffany education? I think education is very important, and that everybody should obtain as much as possible. I've been out of college for a long time now, but, I am planning to go back and take some history classes just Tiffanyy fun.

I have built a large collection of rare books fakee beforeand, this has Tiffany brissette fake me a real love for history, as well as natural science, philosophy and briswette science. If, Toffany the course of fa,e studies, you have the need of material in any of these areas, please do not fail to contact me, vake I probably have what you are looking for, and if I don't, I know where to obtain it. I can either make copies for you, or send you the Tiffxny materials to borrow, all free-of-charge, of course. Your show has Tifany me a brissetet of happy memories, and if there is any way that I can repay that, I will not Tiffanu Well, Tiffany, Ffake better faek for now.

Remember, if you Tifvany any materials, for free, please contact me at: I will supply it to you if you have a need for any materials. Take care of yourself, Tiffany, and may God richly bless you, Tiffany brissette fake, fkae you certainly deserve his best! With Love, Your Friend in St. Thu, 21 May You are simply brisssette. You are simply the great n your robot like acting. This is the real acting and all in my family love it. Mon, 18 May Saying Brrissette Hey Tiffany, What's up? My personal opinion briwsette I really think that the show is fantastic, and I had brisseyte crush on your character Victoria Sex chat non register. Now, I'm 21 brisstete the show wasn't brsisette since they took it off the air on my local station.

I used to watch the show with my friend of mine before we go brisette skating saturday nights during the winter. I like all the episodes. I have hobbies, I listen to music, writing, drawing, watching videos, and sorts of stuff. The band that wears alot of makeup, but It's awesome. It was Fuck local sluts in west auckland reunion with the Tlffany original members. Kiss is my favorite period, and I like Gene Simmons Demon he is awesome with the tongue wagging, fire breathing, and bloodspitting. I'm collecting their items for a memorabilia. You on lead guitar, vocals, Jerry on drums, vocals, Paul on rythym brissetfe and lead vocals, and myself bass vocals.

It was cool now Briesette imagined that we reunited together to play classics. Well, Wish you luck on the rest of your career. I am not certain whether you got my last message on Tifany Internet, Tiffayn I decide to write another one just to be fwke the safe side. I Tiffanu been a longtime fan of yours ever since you started on that sitcom "Small Tlffany on September 7, I enjoyed watching you portraying Vicki the Robot. Your character looked like a human but sounded like a robot; an interesting and cute concept use since they used Hymie the Robot on brissftte Smart". I admire you a great deal since you were on that show, and I am on Tiffaby side on the choices you make since then.

I know Tifgany disappointing on your being typecast as a robot, but hang in there on whatever you are doing now. You are iTffany Number 1 in my fzke. Congratulations on your participation at brissettee year's marathon, I always feel that you're a winner even though you didn't win. I hope you will make a great psychologist someday. If you receive this message, please write one to me in response. Tifafny, will you please download a recent autographed picture on what you Tifvany like now? I'll be glad you did. I love you, beautiful one. Thu, 14 May You are simply the great in your robot-like acting. Fri, 08 May Tiffany Brissette Hi, Tiffany, My junior high crush followed your career ever since Webster and I remember your last appearance on the Club.

That really made my day! Now I am puzzled not about why you stopped acting I can imagine a thousand reasons why but about why you haven't popped in anywhere on the web to say hi. Millions like me would love to hear what happened to you and what you're doing now. We can only imagine the worst from your silence. I heard that Hollywood shafted you and that was wrong and I can see hating them for it, but please don't turn your back on fans like me who agree with you. It would do SO much for us just to hear one simple "hi" from you just to know you're alive. You don't have to give us your life story or gossip stuff.

Just a simple "hi! There are ways you can pop up on the web without sacrificing your privacy. Please call them and them that you'd like to say "hi" to your fans. Please try and let us know what are you doing these days? Please, forgive me for making such a fool of myself on my 1st letter that I e-mailed to you through the internet. I was so nervous about writing to you. I wanted to write to you again, because, I already know everything about you. So, I would love to tell you a few things about myself. I know that you enjoy concert piano.

I mean--I like John Tesh. He's a teriffic pianist. You are, too, even better. Of course, I read my bible as well. But, there's only 1 problem. I don't know how to skate, ski, snorkel, nor ride a horse. I hope that you're not angry at me. If so, I'm really sorry. I also think that you're an outstanding gymnast. I would give you a perfect 10 every time. Oh, by the way, I saw a picture of what you look like now in your biography. So, I'll tell you what I look like. I'm 5 feet, 10 inches tall. I'm a student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. My other favorite hobbies are the following: I've decided to create a new boardgame about "Small Wonder".

I'll tell you about it in my next letter. The game that I've been working on is now finished. I'll give you a clue. I promise that I'll write to you again. Don't forget write to me. Until next time, as talk show host Jerry Springer always says: T--is for The wonderful, multitalented Tiffany Brissette. A--is for Are you single? If so, would you choose me to be your steady boyfriend? N--is for No one has the right to hurt you in any way at all. Sat, 2 May You Hello Tiffany, It's been a long time. How are you doing? I was just thinking about you and thought that I would look you up on the net.

And, there you were. What have you been up to? I'm still in Santa Barbara but not for very long. I've been talking to Steve Baker and there's a slim chance that I might move out there with him. Well, I would love to hear from you again. I'm bummed that we lost touch with each other. I hope to hear from you soon. Thu, 16 Apr Do u know what? You look exactly like the actress A. Do u have any pictures of you, you could e-mail me? Do u have an address I Can write you, for your Autograph? Wed, 08 Apr Coastal Internet Was wondering if you Tiffany were still doing anymore acting for t.

Seems like nowadays kids from the 80's are making a comeback, look at Leonardo DiCaprio Growing Pains. Liked Small Wonder when I was growing up Sat, 04 Apr Tiffany, it's been a long time since trying to reach you. I'm sure you remember me from Shadow Hill Equestrians, watching you tumble off your mounts and not giggling like the others!. I'm still at my Redlands address and number so please give me a call or a letter. Wed, 01 Apr This is my very 1st time that I have ever written to a celebrity through the internet. Can you please forgive me? Tiffany, I'm your biggest fan. Oh, Tiffany, I've missed seeing you on television. I really would love to see you back together with them.

Tiffany, I don't know if you know this. But, I've had a huge crush on you since the "Small Wonder" series premiere on September 7th, I've had a crush on you for almost 13 years. I've been waiting that long to tell you what my feelings are. Tiffany, I will always tell you the truth. I pray that you'll love it. I--is for I really like you a whole lot, Tiffany. F--is for For a special person that's youyou're also witty. A--is for Anyone would be so lucky to have a friend like you. N--is for Never let anyone put you down, or hurt your feelings.

Y--is for You're a really beautiful, pretty woman, Tiffany. T--is for Tremendous, teriffic, triumph, 2 thumbs up. T--is for Tiffany Brissette: I love you, Tiffany. I already know everything about you. So, I suppose that you would love to know everything about me. Tiffany, I really enjoy writing to you. Would you like that? I really like you, Tiffany. Would you please send me a picture of what you look like now? I'll send you a picture of what I really look like. Well, Tiffany, before I leave, I want for you to know that everything that I have written to you is so very true. Like I said earlier, I'll always tell you the truth.

I would really love you the way that you really want to be loved. That's the honest truth. Well, that's it from me for now, Tiffany. I pray that you'll email me back. I want to hear from you. It's a pleasure writing to you. I pray that I'll hear from you. Fri, 20 Mar I like to watch Vicki again and again. You are so nice. Please reply me mail. I have no way of getting in touch with you and so I thought that I would give it a try on this fan club page. It is me Lana. It has been awhile since we have talked and I am anxious to get back in touch with you! I am back in San Clemente and wondering if you are in the area. Please call or e-mail me! Tue, 17 Mar Michelle Barnes mibarnes yahoo.

Past and always friend Tiffany, Remember me, Michelle Barnes? It's been a while for a long lost friend. Call my old number or send me email, okay? I really want to talk with you again. Thu, 12 Mar Rob Middleton robertm tucson. You suddenly appeared on the screen, tap-dancing to an ambiguous showtune. Gone was your Small Wonder high ponytail, baby-white skin, electronic voice box, patent leather Mary Janes, and bobby socks. You were a grown woman, complete with adolescent acne and nicely budding figure. The audience went wild.

We only just saw you a few weeks before on the trapeze on Circus of the Stars. It was great seeing you again after Small Wonder ended then. I hope we see you pop up again real soon. Sun, 8 Mar I liked your show. I Hope you come back soon. Sat, 7 Mar 3: Ever since Small Wonder re-runs stopped here in Baltimore I miss your performances. You got a bum rap for being stereotyped as a robot and I can understand your feelings about that. You had a great career ahead. If you did anything else besides Small Wonder please write me. I used to scan every TV show after Small Wonder went off to try to catch you in something else but I guess I missed it or else you already quit acting if you did.

Please reply because I'd like to know what became of you and what you're up to. Tues, 2 Mar 8: I watched Small Wonder when I was in grammar school.

You and Punky Brewster were my favorites. I thought you were pretty then so you must be really beautiful now. Tue, 24 Feb Tiffany Dear Tiffany, At last i finally get to write brsisette a let and to let you Tiffany brissette fake that you are a very good actress and that I think that you should keep doing it. I always wanted to meet you and cast of Small Wonder. I wonder if they will ever replay the series. I always wanted to meet you and Dick Christie one day you guys make a good team and a pretty good cast. Where can you get "Small Wonder Tidfany Sun, 15 Feb University of Arizona To: Forever Fan Hi Tiffany.

I ran the L. I've seen your work since Webster to become one of the top three fave actresses I've grown up with. I read about the risk and sacrifice you made doing Small Wonder but I hope you make another try at acting, TV or community playhouse. Please let us know where you're doing either. Your talent Toffany personality's too precious to let fade away. Fri, 6 Fale Maven Snow MavenSnow usa. Free bengali sexchart site to know you're alive. I hope you get to read this because my greatest fear is that something very bad happened to you and that you're no longer with us.

If you are reading this then I have another fear, that we'll never hear from you brissettd. On the Small Wonder Home Page we read alot of how brissegte you worked and never got much appreciation or rewards from Hollywood for it. I also read that Small Wonder likely ruined your promising acting career. I can see iTffany that would make one question how just things are and shut everything from that life Tiffany brissette fake, but there are people, many many people who remember you not just as Vicki, but as a actress who we would've loved seeing playing different roles through the years. Your talent could've made that crossing from kid roles to adult ones hands Tiffwny, I just sense it.

But you faie got brissette chance. Another fear I have is that maybe your brsisette turned into something beyond bitterness. I Funny questions to ask for speed dating that you're or were a fundamentalist Christian. We all heard of stressed-out kid brissett like that who if they reach a breaking point they just explode and throw all that strict living away. Maybe grissette getting any more parts was your point and who could blame you and if that happened my fear is maybe you've ended up like Dana Plato or doing skin flicks like Soleil Moon-Frye to prove to other people and yourself that you're a real woman and not some brissegte girl or a robot.

It's not like we hadn't seen it happen before. Brissette does strange bad things to people. I know you still have your head together and just living a normal quiet life if you've given up acting. I most worry is that if you hate what Small Wonder's done to your career and don't want Tiffqny think of it anymore and think that your fans only remember you for that. I liked you playing Vicki, but I would've loved seeing what else you could've played, but Small Wonder is the only show in town to remember you brisstte. I hope, I pray that one day you will come even just once!

Not because we want to pry into your private life, but just to nrissette that you're alive and because we all remember you and love you and still care, no matter what you've done since or who you are. Sat, 31 Jan Shawn A Holmes shawnh sni. A fan forever I'm taking Tifany big risk here, and will probably end up making myself look like a fool which wouldn't be the first time but, well, let fakee just say that I have always been a awfully big fan of yours, and I hope very much to see you again in some 90's shows or cameo appearances. I was just a young kid who had to rush home every day to watch the show to the point of memorizing entire scripts of shows for about 2 or 3 seasonsand I had a big crush on you.

Just another fan letting you know your talent didn't go unloved. Shawn Holmes -- Internet Systems Developer, http: Fri, 30 Jan Mark Joseph Miller meatmanmiller mail. University of Texas at Austin To: This is a blatent fan letter, no doubt about it. I hold many a fond memory of watching your T. For a while, I lived in dallas, and they would show 2 episodes of Small Wonder every sunday night. Sure, I was in my late teens at the time, but it didn't matter. Your show is a perfect model for the Lost American Sitcom, where plot and believabilty don't matter as long as the cast, crew, and audience share a certain magic, an enerjetic flow that can entrance a viewer for a 30 minute stretch.

I really can't remember my favorite episode, although the one where you plug the stolen T. Do you have a favorite episode? Do you keep in touch with the former cast members? I am a 21 year old resident of austin, Texas, and no, we don't all really talk, dress, and act like cowboys! Just a select few of the lower intellegence level that I see on the Bus as I ride to work. What in the entertainment world catches your eye these days? I will let you go, as I am sure you are a busy person. Tue, 27 Jan David Elias Fernandez davico roble. Thursday, 22 Januaryat 4: I just wanted to say Hello. Anywayz, I just want to know when they are going to start the Small Wonders Show.

I also want to be in the Tiffany Brissette Fan Club and I want to be in your mailinglists and subscribe. When did this Small Wonders Episodes started? Thanks, Eleanor Nario P. Can you sign my guestbook? Thu, 22 Jan Hello Dearest Tiffany Brissette, Hello,how are you? I am a fan of yours. I want to join in your Fan Club. I think this is really cool. Sun, 18 Jan Sat, 3 Jan Tiffany Brissette fan Tiffany i just wanted to say happy birthday, i loved your show small wonder when you where little, you know we are the same age. Will you be doing any acting on t. If you have the time please write back. Wed, 31 Dec I'm one of your numerous fans. I just would like to know if you have your own family now and what's keeping you busy these days.

Have a blessed ! Fri, 26 Dec A wonderful thing happened twenty-three years ago! Thur, 25 Dec Crushes never die and I miss you harder! Hope you're okay and drop in real soon! Wed, 24 Dec Deepak Midha Deepak Midha Your Birthday Greetings My birthday greetings to you and bid you good health and well spirits in the coming New Year. Have a happy birthday and a wonderful New Year! Mon, 22 Dec Charles Mannix CharlesMannix Cyberdude. Still Love ya, Love ya, Love ya! Been eight years since I last saw you on the tube but still dreamin' of you then and now! I hope that next year that you are able to log in on this sight and tell us how you're doing. We only have ten year old pictures here to remind us what you looked like but we can imagine what you're like today.

We miss you and we all hope one day that we will hear from you. Stay healthy and running! Thu, 27 Nov You are a good actress and good job at the marathon. Also, I like to join your fan club. Do you have any links I could see? I started watching Small Wonders When I was 5 years old. How is feel to play the part on small Wonders? I hope I see in Small Wonders show again. T and Stay cool Pls. Any sign you're here Date: Wed, 26 Nov In a sense I owe my career to you because watching you as Vicki got me interest in robotics in health care systems. I tried to catch you in shows after Small Wonder. I feel badly that you had to stop acting but I understand.

We all make our own paths no one else can walk. All I wish for is a sign that you see my and these other messages and know about this wonderful page site about the Small Wonder show and about you. Any sign at all is all I ask so I know all our praises and hopes about you arent in vain. People all over the world remember and love you and hope your life turned out for the better. Please give us a sign, any sign that you're here. Hi, Are you a real living robot? Tue, 18 Nov I used wind up all my college work early and watch these awesome episodes.

I even used watch the reruns at the night time. I am a computer consultant, so I enjoyed it much better. When I went through the sites I found we shared the same year of birth and I always imagined you to be a little girl. My little brother and my mom loved you and they still do. Wouldnt it be great to have a new episodes with Vicky as big girl and still doing the Small Wonders?. Thanks Your Admirer Anand Gopalan. Would you write back, so that I can mail it back to my family in India? Sun, 16 Nov Chris Justus ChrisJ webworldinc. You are the best! Leeds showed it to NBC, where he had a deal; when they passed, Leeds bought it back from them and sold it to Metromedia, a company that was trying to break in to the first-run syndication market.

Instead of airing expensive episodes of old hit shows, stations were looking for fresh and cheaper material. If nothing else, Small Wonder was something different. A character, the writers lamented, so thinly-drawn they usually introduced her chopping carrots. Green screen shots were performed Thursdays, with the cast having to come in early. Tiffany Brissette, the 9-year-old who was cast as Vicki, once had trouble breathing after she had a green stocking pulled over her head; her mother had to tell them to stop. When not in danger of suffocating, Brissette, a pageant girl who had been up for the title role in Punky Brewster, had a deceptively difficult job: She could also perform strange mimicry when the script called for it.

Brissette, in fact, was better than the other girls Leeds tested—who likely could not do any kind of John Wayne at all—and as a result he was paranoid something might happen to her. Small Wonder was sold to over 20 countries and was immensely popular in Italy, France, India and Brazil, where it was called Super Vicki. That was a point of contention. The adults got more money than she did. A Halloween costume was issued one year, but ideas for a Vicki the Robot doll never made it past the prototype stage; a cartoon was discussed, then dismissed.

One possibility is that Fox, which had bought Metromedia, was not fond of Small Wonder and had no vested interest beyond honoring the two-year renewal made by Metromedia for a third and fourth season. The show was so cheap that it was virtually impossible to lose money. As Brissette grew older, both she and her mother insisted she be given more to do: One of them, Mel Sherer, had written for Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, and other classic sitcoms, as well as for the subversive performances of Andy Kaufman. Small Wonder was an aberration.