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Sheldon makes another minute on his comments for If's "Check Sluts in cheldon cheldln. In oral, if I had to describe her in one communication, it would be "emotional". Bullying is not addicted, and ties into what I more about this show being shaking in it's case of "surprised hero" syndrome. I find it in at best, condescending at make.

Harry Potter's father, James, was a bully. In My Little Pony, Twilight Sparkle sometimes seems paranoid, alarmist, and obsessive, and would be so if the plot didn't usually prove to the audience that her hunches were right like when she accused Cadence of being evil, for example. But when Leonard can get away with things like lying to a long-time friend about Penny just to sabotage the friend's chances with her, or, idk, jeopardizing another long-time friend's entire research career just because you found him a little annoying as a traveling companion? That's a little harder to swallow. I also hate how Leonard is the designated love interest for Penny, when she has greater chemistry with Sheldon, and seems to understand him better than, and have more patience in dealing with him, than anyone else does.

Mature squirting tube, Leonard's personality is not that good. He's whiny, and always focused on himself, even when his friends are having real problems and his are relatively minor. He also whines Srilankan sax wab cam live, way too much about not getting laid. He also admits in one episode that his entire relationship with Penny was at one time all founded on lie after lie after lie; he admitted to pretending to like things she liked to do, and generally enjoy her company, solely as a deception to get in her cooch.

I feel that a relationship should be based on honest communication and a real understanding of Sluts in cheldon other as well as a real mutuality of beliefs, values, and interests. Even if you don't like the same things as your significant other, you still owe them to be honest about it. For example, I never give my boyfriend the impression that I like baseball, and he never pretended to like anime. I mean, if all that matters to Leonard is sex, why Booty dance ass he just rent it.

That also brings me to my next point about the show. The Entire Show Is Way Too Smutty to be Geeky It's probably because of the pun of the show, but why does every plot of the show have to revolve around sex? The show is just as smutty as say, 2 And a Half Men, but dressed up with occasional references to Star Trek, comic books, gaming, and physics. I don't have a problem with the idea of sex, or even sex being shown or extensively discussed in entertainment, but when the sexual content of the show becomes the focus of a show that pretends to be more clever than that, I kind of get mad.

I think it's because Big Bang Theory is a rather pretentious show that tries to stand out as different than the traditional sitcom by showing a different sort of people than would ordinarily be featured in one. This has been done better, by the way, in the brilliant geeky office comedy from England, I. Crowd However, Big Bang Theory fails because they fail to accurately understand the people they're trying to portray. Every character is defined by their relationship with sex and little else. Howard is the failed, miserable, playboy, defined as not getting any until he hooks up with Bernadette.

Raj is the failed, miserable shy man who can't talk to women without alcohol or drugs. Leonard is a miserable failure because he chases after an unattainably hot girl who, as I've said before, has absolutely no mutual interests with him on which to base a good relationship. Only Sheldon and Amy are interesting then, because they are asexual and as such get to be fully-formed human beings defined by more than their reason for their lack but they still are. In this world, the writers oversimplified what it means to be a geek; they boiled it down to meaning "unlucky with women" and also to mean someone who bitches about this problem nonstop.

Many geeky men do have trouble getting dates. And some of them like to joke about how unlikely it seems for them to get any. I mean, do you think Einstein would have been Einstein if he had spent all his time pacing around wondering if a certain girl liked him? What do you think the people who made ground-breaking scientific discoveries cared more about 1 Their research, or 2 how many times they could get women to talk to them? They do this in other things, like A Beautiful Mind, where Nash helps some buddies in a bar get laid using math. However, it's obvious at least there that the math was the primary fixation of Nash's mind, and that getting his friends some lady companions for the night was just a one-time bonus.

But in Big Bang, every character seems exhaustively obsessed with their sex life, and little else. Howard rarely talks about engineering, Bernadette about biology, etc. And, for me, the academic stuff is actually what I'd find more interesting, shockingly enough, there are people like that out there. It isn't new, or interesting, by itself. What is interesting is anthropology, physics, technology, science fiction, biology, etc. Geeks primarily live their lives in the world of information, but the show assumes we all think like extroverts, focusing primarily on interactions with and competition between others.

We don't, for the most part, think that way, and I wish the show would recognize that we actually are people who like the geeky stuff we're doing and aren't sitting in an armchair somewhere brooding over how miserably lonely and dateless we are. I imagine that an extrovert who had to endure our frequency of human contact or sex might go insane, but we aren't extroverts and for us, what is valued is quality human contact, not quantity. We also prefer to focus on ideas and information than on other people and our relationships to them. For this issue, I would recommend that the writers of the show turn their attention to books written about the experience of being an introvert.

My favorite would be Introvert Power by Laurie Helgoe.

Penny Is An Annoying Character Oh yeah, if there's one thing us geek girls love, it's annoying, slutty non-geek girls trying to fake it so they can end up with a guy who isn't Cam4 sexo online dishwasher. Especially if they're mean, catty, stuck-up, egocentric, prance around in Sluts in cheldon any clothing, and have grating, high-pitched pep-squad voices. I also personally have a vendetta against anyone who calls people "sweetie" who aren't their significant other. I find it creepy at best, condescending at worst. In one episode, Penny nonchalantly admits that she was a bully who did terrible things to another girl in high school.

Bullying is not acceptable, and ties into what I said about this show being infuriating in it's case of "designated hero" syndrome. Penny is there to be a love interest for Leonard, and to show T and A to the audience as often as possible, and to be the surrogate for the non-geek audience members who "don't get it". But they don't try very hard to make her a likable character, or a good female role model. You brought soup, but, uh-oh! Raj and I don't have enough money to pay you. So we'll have to come to some other kind of arrangement.

You two figure out the details. I'm going to change into something I don't mind getting ripped off my milky flesh. She wants New Delhi, not kosher deli.

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Besides, you have chheldon girlfriend. We broke up weeks Sluts in cheldon. Why didn't you Slutw anything? I was waiting for the right time. This is the right time. Hey, who's ready for Halo? Oh, this is like a nightmare. The numbers are shaky enough as it is. What's going on is you and Howard are my moving men and Raj is my new landlord and I don't have enough money to pay any of you! Is she suggesting what I think she's suggesting? Welcome to the Penthouse Forum. Okay, show of hands. After they're out, he quickly closes and locks the door, then turns around and looks at Elizabeth.

I found these in the dryer. You mean, you and Dr. Yeah, I wanted to explain.

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